Going to Anime Expo 2017

2017-06-30 02:21:15 by AtroxChobatsu

I'll be at table E 46! Why not stop by and say hello? Got some neat new sketchbooks and stickers for sale! Here's a taste of what we got!


Pico Day Plans!

2016-05-05 03:05:13 by AtroxChobatsu

Hey all! It's been a while since I used this new post thing for anything, huh?

Just putting it out there that I'll be attendign Pico Day this year! I've never been before, but I hear it's a lot of fun! I'm real excited to hang out with other animators, especially my Yotta compatriots. I hope I make a good impression...

How about you guys? Will I see any of you there? Maybe we could chat for a while or do whatever's fun there! I'll even bring Artist Trading cards if you guys wanna have little art trades. 

I'll also be bringing copies of my comic; Outside the Lines. It's fairly new, and it's about cartoon characters looking for work in the real world. Definitely inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit (My all-time favorite film) but set in modern times with a greater focus on the characters. The story also draws parallels to animation history and the nature of the industry. Animation and cartoons are my #1 passion, and this comic is my love letter to the cartoon business. 


I'll have a few copies on hand if anyone's interested, for $7 each (30% off the online price). I'll even sign it for you, with a doodle to boot! I'll also be carrying some character pins for $1 each (20% off!)


I can only carry so much though, so supplies will be VERY limited.

Also to sweeten the deal and keep in the spirit of toons and comedy, if you can tell me a joke that makes me laugh out loud, I will let you have the comic for $5. If it just makes me frown, you'll get something else.

Anyway! Hope to see some of you there! :D Safe travels, and thanks for T◔◔ning in!